Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Pope Benedict XVI Book Recommendations

After posting this great meme on my Google+ page (follow me there):

I was asked to recommend three books by our beloved Pope Emeritus for someone who has yet to have the extreme pleasure of sitting at Benedict's feet and learning from a man who's intelligence is only matched by his devotion to Our Lord. As recommending just three of his books is impossible, I ended up recommending several based on the interests of the reader. As every Catholic ought to read at least something from Benedict's pen, I thought it might do to share these recommendations here along with links to purchase the books from Amazon (doing so will help keep the lights on here at Adoro without costing you anything!). These are grouped to best take advantage of whatever issue in the Church you are most interested in.

The Liturgy (the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass):

The Bible:


The Early Church:

The Medieval Church:

Modern Church:





Ecclesiological Argument:

Book Length Interviews with Benedict XVI (these are a good place to start):

And you can't go wrong with his Three Papal Encyclicals:

Which Pope Benedict XVI book would YOU recommend?

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