Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Benedict XVI Lays Down His Mighty Pen

To be placed in the "horribly depressing, yet entirely understandable and even predictable" file comes this from National Catholic Register,
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is no longer writing on theology, as he doesn’t have the strength to continue with this work, his personal secretary has said.... Benedict XVI “no longer dedicates himself to theological or scientific writings,” and with the completion of  his three volumes of Jesus of Nazareth, “he has concluded his theological work.
“He says he doesn’t have the strength to write anymore,” Archbishop Gänswein said.... A source close to the pope emeritus told the Register that Benedict’s inability to write has less to do with his age than physical state, noting that Joseph Ratzinger had never been physically strong. The pope emeritus also told private visitors at the beginning of last year that he would write no more theology after his trilogy on Jesus.

Read the whole thing over there. 

As Papa Benedetto has closed his oeuvre, I though it might be worth revisiting some of his past classics once again by referring you to My Pope Benedict XVI Book Recommendations.

As readers of the blog well know, Benedict's masterful insights propelled me along the path from irreligion to Catholicism. I must confess that I had secretly hoped that his retirement meant he'd finally get to spend more time with "his books" as he so earnestly desired to throughout his career and as he expressed it to Raymond Arroyo in this interview from before his election to the papacy,

But we must not be gluttons. Benedict has provided us with a great many writings on a great many topics. How blessed we all are to have lived through his all too brief pontificate. 

Of course, by way of compensation, the Holy Spirit has gifted us with the very different but nonetheless challenging and invigorating example of Pope Francis, who can inspire us, including our cloistered sisters, with a passion for living the Gospel,

I suppose that just goes to show us how the Church is always well provided for.

Please join me in praying for our Holy Father and our Pope Emeritus,
Lord, you never cease to provide pastoral and intellectual care for your flock. Indeed, you know what we need even when we don't. We thank you for the powerful witness of your humble servant Pope Benedict XVI, who was "the world's professor," teaching us what we can't not know. We also thank you for the ministry of Pope Francis, who is "the world's pastor" calling us to a radical life of self-sacrifice and love. Indeed, Lord, we know that both men displayed both these traits, but you have blessed your Church by allowing each to bring his own talents and abilities into play at the precise time they were needed for the building up of you pilgrim people. Please, if it be Thy Holy Will, grant many more years of service to both these holy men, our fathers in the Faith. Amen.

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