Thursday, September 25, 2014

NCR on "the Problem with Prof. Peters"

National Catholic Reporter writer Michael Sean Winters takes noted canonist Dr. Edward Peters (and Cardinal Burke) to task today for not getting aboard the whole "let's turn a blind eye toward people living in adulterous second 'marriages' and allow them Communion" train. I don't usually read NCR, but I enjoy Dr. Peters' blog (and Father Z's where I came across this story) and thought I'd share,
 You remember what Chesterton said about madmen? The problem with the madman is not that he is illogical but that he is only logical. Mutatis mutandi, the problem with Peters and +Burke is not that they are canonists but that they are only canonists." This, I think, hits the nail on the head. 
Which made me wonder if the problem with the NCR staff, including Mr. Winters, might not be that they are liberals, but that they are only liberals. I wonder if that doesn't "hit the nail on the head."

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