Friday, September 26, 2014

Benedict XVI Sighting

Long time readers know my special affection for the man who helped convert me to the One Holy Faith (through his writings, not in person, unfortunately) Pope Benedict XVI, now Pope Emeritus. His Holiness (Emeritus?) is looking healthier and more lively than ever these days and will be leaving his self-imposed seclusion once more to meet and greet over 40,000 seniors this Sunday morning in St. Peter's Square (one of the most transcendently beautiful spaces on the face of the Earth). I must admit to always having a smile put on my face when Benedict decides to return, ever so briefly, to the light of the public. I do wonder what he's been working on since leaving the Chair of Peter to Francis. Whatever it is, I'm sure I can't wait to read it. You can read more about the even HERE.

Pope of Rome
Pre-Retirement Benedict Blesses the Gathered Multitude

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