Monday, September 26, 2016

32 Books That Will Take You Deeper into Dante's Comedy

As longtime readers of the blog are aware, I'm a huge fan, student and teacher, of the great Dante Alighieri (I blogged my way through most of Inferno, check it out if you missed it - and yes, I plan on finishing posting the rest of Inferno at some point). I have read his masterpiece well over a half dozen times and his letters and minor works each at least once.

I've just finished teaching The Divine Comedy at a parish in the south and thought I'd share my "suggested reading" list here with my blog readers. The books under each heading are listed in order, from easiest to hardest. For the beginning student in any of these topics, I recommend reading just the first one (or two) choices. If you are more advanced, feel free to dive into the harder choices.

Each title is also a link to purchase the book online at Amazon.

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Election Season Advice from CS Lewis

Here's a sample of my latest article for Catholic365.

Voting season is in full swing.
We have already been subjected to, from one party, a nativism that extolls love of country and, from the other, a globalism that despises it. What attitude should a Catholic agree with?
Should we believe that patriotism is a great good, a great evil, or something else entirely?
Is preserving the distinctions of our own nation, of our own culture, something to aspire to or something to avoid?
Our 'globalists' (those on the left on this issue) seek what they term 'cultural diversity.'
What does that mean? 
Read the rest at Catholic365: C.S. Lewis on Patriotism