Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Prince of Peace, Taylors SC

I recently visited with my sister, who lives in Greenville, South Carolina. As we were there over the weekend, I had to find a place to attend Mass. As luck would have it, I found Prince of Peace in Taylors, about a half hour from my sisters house. The liturgy was stunningly well done and was offered in the forma ordinaria, putting the lie to anyone who suggests that the post-conciliar Mass must be celebrated with as little beauty as possible. The parish also offers the Traditional Latin Mass and many of the ways they celebrate the ordinary form have clearly been influenced by the great Tridentine rite.

I mention this because I just stumbled across an interview with the pastor of this parish in The Catholic World Report. You can read the whole thing there. The article makes an excellent point right off the bat (emphasis added),

Not only is this parish attracting families interested in regular access to traditional liturgy and the sacraments, it is beginning to be recognized by even the non-traditional Catholic audience as a beacon of the “New Evangelization,” due to the number of converts and reverts it draws into the Catholic Church.
Think about that. The Traditional Latin Mass is a "beacon of the New Evangelization." How often do we hear that the liturgy needs to be dumbed down, that we need more laity running around performing 'tasks' during the Mass, more altar girls, more bad pop music songs to get the people to come to Mass. This parish turns that on its head. They offer the Mass as it ought to be offered, not to attract people, but to offer right worship to God and what happens? The people come.

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