Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Francis Factor

I'm sure you've seen the great video with Pope Francis and the cute little kid that has been circulating around the Internet. If not, it's worth a watch...

The people I've talked to, fallen away Catholics especially, are very excited about our Holy Father and his care for, as one correspondent put it, his "warmth and humility" and his love for ordinary people. All of which, of course, is spot on. Francis is a compassionate man dedicated to serving all people, just like Christ commanded (cf. Matthew 23:11). I've even know Catholics, long lapsed, who are thinking of coming home to the Church because of Francis, Deo gratis!

Of course, as great as the enthusiam for Papa Francesco is, we can't forget that our Pope Emeritus also was (is) a kind and loving man, a servus servorum Dei and a lover of the "ordinary man." He even helped more than a few lapsed Catholics find their way home, including yours truly. So while we rejoice over the great humility and love shown by Francis, let's also thank God for Pope Benedict who also had a way with the little ones of Christ (cf. Matt 19:14). Enjoy...

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