Friday, October 25, 2013

Life - Oct 25, 2013

The Source and Summit
This week we are heading to our local parish for Mass in the ordinary form. We are meeting up with our  youngest's godparents afterward, so no vetus ordo this week.

The Job
This week was a rough one. A real rough one. No sales came in, which means I made no money. I only had a very few leads to work on, which means its going to be a lean winter - one the business might not survive. Our website,, still hasn't recovered from the body blow we took back in July in Google. If things continue at this pace, I doubt I'll still be employed by January 1, but we're only a good sale away from turning things around.

The Family
The wife and kids got into a moderate car accident this week. Our minivan has to be put on the injured reserve list and the wife is staring down rehab from a viscous case of whiplash. The kids came through intact and uninjured, Deo gratis.

The Future
I'm still hoping to get more into evangelization, catechisis, and apologetics. To that end, I'm greatly enjoying teaching CCD. I've gotten back into writing, something I neglected over the last few years as I concentrated on getting a business up and running from scratch.

What I'm Reading
The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
A Father who Keeps His Promises by Dr. Scott Hahn
A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin by John F. Collins
The Bible - Proverbs, & Psalms

What I'm Watching
The Blacklist
Around the Horn
Pawn Stars
 30 for 30 on ESPN 
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
The Adventures of Curious George
Holy Hereos Inside the Sacraments, The Holy Eucharist

What I'm Listening To
Taylor Marshall's Podcast
Catholic Answers Live
Backup by Jovanotti

Future Plans
I'm considering going on a men's retreat with a local priest I'm friends with. I haven't decided, no surprise there as I'm incredibly indecisive these days, but I'm leaning toward going. I'm loath to go off without the family, but I've drifted from ennui to borderline depression throughout the week, so I might need a spiritual boost.

Goals for this Week
I'd like to keep working on this blog and find a way to generate some more business.

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