Friday, October 11, 2013

Life - Oct 11, 2013

The  Source and Summit

We've yet to discuss where we will be attending Mass this weekend. I, as always, am hoping for the forma extraordinaria, but, with the start of RCIA and all, we might find ourselves at our local parish instead.

The Job

Our website,, which offers some great deals on American made strength equipment, has taken a bit of a penalty from Google's new algorithm. We're not quite sure why, so time has been spent talking with our SEO team and trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

The Kids

#1 has been enjoying himself greatly at Kindergarten where he is excelling greatly. He has taken to having me drive him to school each morning instead of riding the bus, which isn't too bad as I'd rather drive him over to the school (which is only 2 minutes away) than stand in the rain waiting for the bus to arrive. #3 started walking this week, which is always exciting.

The Wife

Started RCIA at the local parish, which is exciting. She is a great woman and a true inspiration, especially all the work she does around the house and with the kids.  The woman is tireless!

The Future

I have a couple interesting book ideas I'm currently supposed to be working on. So far, not much has gotten accomplished there.

The Move

We are considering taking a short trip southward to check out the possibility of moving somewhere with better climes. Moving there seems a stretch, but who knows? We also have an opportunity of moving out of town a bit, to a home that has opened up to us through the death of a loved family member. Either way, I don't see us staying in our current overpriced rental.

The Internet

I've spent some time over at the Catholic Answers forum, which always threatens to suck far too much time out of my day. I almost signed up for Dr. Taylor Marshall's New Saint Thomas Institute, but thought it looked geared more towards beginners and less for graduate level studies. At $20.00 a month it was tempting. I also spend too much time reading Catholic blogs!


This week we covered Cain & Abel, Seth's righteous line, Noah (flood & drunkenness), and the Tower of Babel. I've been preparing for next week - Father Abraham. 

Continuing Ed

I'm still hoping to someday work towards a Master's in Theology from Franciscan U in Steubenville, but I've yet to find a way to make that happen with everything else that is going on.

What I'm Reading

Fundemental Speeches from Five Decades by Pope Benedict XVI
A Father who Keeps His Promises by Dr. Scott Hahn
If your mind wanders at Mass by Thomas Howard
A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin by John F. Collins
The Bible - Genesis, Gospel of John, Proverbs, & Psalms

What I'm Watching

Agents of SHIELD
The Blacklist
Pardon the Interuption
Pawn Stars
Iron Man 3
Genesis to Jesus

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