Monday, October 21, 2013

Pray to your Guardian Angel!

My family had a trying day today. My wife was out with our three kids, ages 5 and under, when she was suddenly side-swiped by an inattentive driver. Our new (to us) minivan sustained some pretty ugly damage to the driver's side doors and possibly to the front tire and my wife has an aching neck. Luckily, the children weren't injured even though the baby's door took a lot of damage.

I say luckily, but was it really just luck? I don't think so. We all too often forget our guardian angels watch over us and protect us from harm. True, they are mostly concerned with keeping us out of the deep trouble Satan and his demons want for us, but they nonetheless can, and indeed do, protect us from physical harm as well - if it be God's will. The Roman Catechism (the catechism produced following the Council of Trent in 1545-1563) teaches that "By God’s providence angels have been entrusted with the office of guarding the human race and of accompanying every human being in order to preserve him from any serious dangers" and "Our heavenly Father has placed over each of us an angel under whose protection and vigilance we may be able to escape the snares secretly prepared by our enemy." (Section IV, 9).

Tonight, and always, remember your guardian angel.

Angel of God,
My guardian dear,
To whom God's love commits me here,
Ever this day, be at my side
To light and guard,
To rule and guide.


P.S. Don't name your guardian angel! See more from Dr. Taylor Marshall on why HERE.

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