Friday, October 25, 2013

Feast of San Miniato

One of my two favorite cities in the world is fair Firenze. I spent my honeymoon there, my family hails from neighboring Pistoia, and my conversion to the One Faith took a major leap forward while walking her storied streets. Suffice it to say, I have a major soft spot for all things Florentine. With that in mind, I had to share this today from Gregory Dipippo at New Liturgical Movement...

"Today, the Italian city of Florence keeps the feast of Saint Miniatus, (or Minias; San Miniato in Italian) who was martyred there during the persecution of Decius in 250-51 A.D. The authentic story of his martyrdom is now lost to us; he is traditionally said to have been the son of an Armenian king, who served in the Roman army, and was beheaded for being a Christian after various torments. He was buried on the large hill that looms over the city on the far side of the Arno river; a small shrine was built over the site of his burial, but replaced in the early 11th century by a magnificent basilica, one of the finest examples of Romanesque art in all of Italy..."

Read the rest, with great pictures (inside and out) of this beautiful church, over THERE.

Hmmm... I wonder if the wife would object to naming our next son, if God so wills us to have another son, Miniato...

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