Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bishop Zubik Establishes a "Latin Mass" Parish in Pittsburgh!

From Father Z...

"I firmly believe that when the older form of Holy Mass is celebrated in more places, we will have a sounder basis for the “New Evangelization” called for by our Popes. Thus, celebrations of the Extraordinary Form must not be concentration (segregated, isolated, contained) in one place in a city or diocese. 
Also, for all the good work traditional groups such as the FSSP do, the real renewal will begin when diocesan priests learn the Extraordinary Form. There are a lot of challenges to overcome on that score, but that’s what we need. 
That said, there is good news in Pittsburgh. Bp. David Zubick establish a personal parish for the Extraordinary Form in Pittsburgh.  HERE 
Brick by brick."
I've had the great pleasure of frequently attending Mass at what is now a "personal parish". Father Dolan celebrates the Mass in a dignified manner, the schola performs truly sacred music - both chant and polyphony, and the art and architecture of St. Boniface Church (where Mass is celebrated in the extraordinary form daily) is truly impressive and speaks of those invisible realities so many modern churches leave us forgetting.

God bless David Zubik, by the grace of God, Bishop of Pittsburgh!

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