Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Was Jesus a "Liberal?"

Q. I'm a liberal because Jesus was a liberal. The Pharisees were the conservatives and look at how Jesus fought against them! How can the Church oppose something like gay marriage when Jesus loved sinners!! Think about it.

You have a twisted view of Jesus and an oversimplified understanding of the Pharisees. Jesus wouldn't have been pro gay marriage, because He wasn't pro sin. He preached repentance and forgiveness, but those who refused to repent He insisted would be sent, by Himself, to an eternity in Hell. No one in the Bible speaks more of Hell than Christ. The Pharisees were condemned, not because they were "conservative" but because they were loveless. They were trying to follow the letter of the law without the spirit of the law. Christ explodes this, not by saying sin is okay like a "liberal", but by raising the stakes! The Pharisees, following the letter of the law, allowed for divorce and remarriage. Jesus calls that adultery. The Pharisees, following the letter of the law, allowed for lustful thoughts as long as they didn't end in action. Jesus also calls that adultery. Jesus would call (in fact, because He is alive, is calling) those living the gay lifestyle to "go and sin no more" (Jn 8:11). He wants to forgive all sinners (including those who have committed homosexual acts), but only can do so if they are willing to seek His forgiveness by being willing to change their lifestyles. I suggest you spend less time worrying about "liberals" and "conservatives" (neither liberalism nor conservatism can save your soul) and focus more on knowing Christ. God bless.