Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gregory the Great Academy, Happy As Kings! (action item)

Earlier today, I posted the first part of a two part interview I had the opportunity to give to the Headmaster of Gregory the Great Academy. Schools that are willing to be "progressive" enough to respect and embrace our past, especially our great Catholic tradition of education (which itself includes the best of Greco-Roman ideals), represent a new way forward. Yesterday will have to become the new tomorrow if we want to save our schools, our boys, or indeed our culture. Gregory the Great, by marrying the best of the past with the best of today, is one place that is blazing a trail in this regard.

And if that wasn't enough to convince you of the worth of such places (would that all Catholic children had access to true Catholic education at an affordable price) this short video, put together as part of their fundraising campaign to finance the education of boys who's families can't afford the tuition, ought to.

Please prayerfully consider whether you can and ought to help Gregory the Great Academy in its goal of educating our children in the great tradition of Catholic education. Perhaps even more importantly, consider what you or your parish might be able to do to create more places like this. In times like ours a Benedictine spirit of retreat from the world, to preserve culture and to establish "bases" from which to launch the New Evangelization and the Catholic Countercultural Revolution, is of paramount importance. Gregory the Great's crowdfund page can be found HERE.

Gregory the Great Student Body

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