Thursday, February 13, 2014

If Mary was Sinless, Couldn't She Have Saved Us?

I read your post on why we believe that Mary was sinless, but something is still bothering me. If Mary is sinless, then she could have saved us. But then God wouldn't have had to become man, Jesus wouldn't be necessary for our salvation. This is clearly against Scripture! 

While it's true that Jesus never sinned, He didn't save us because He didn't sin. He was able to save us because He was GOD. Mary wasn't God. Even though she didn't sin, she still couldn't save us. Our offense against God was an infinite offense because it offended against an infinite being. No one could pay the infinite price due except an infinite being. The only infinite being is God. Therefore only God could atone for our infinitely offensive sins. Mary is finite. Even being sinless she could not atone infinitely for us. Therefore, Mary (on principal) even being without all sin could not save us.

The Blessed Virgin
Mary Immaculate, Pray for us.


  1. Mary couldn't even save herself. Good grief.

  2. Exactly. Consider the source of her sinlessness, not in herself.

  3. Yes, your both right. Sometimes people seem to equate sinlessness with divinity, but Adam and Eve were both sinless (until the fall) and they were not divine. I think it stems from a general suspicion of Our Lady.