Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It's All About Love of Christ (A Lenten Reflection with St Josemaría Escrivá)

Here is my latest for the online Catholic article publisher Catholic365.com. I hope you can join me in meditating on the person of Jesus Christ with St. Josemaría Escrivá (who's writings I've greatly depended upon in my spiritual growth) to prepare for a most Holy and Fruitful Lent. May God bless you all.

It's All About Love of Christ (A Lenten Reflection with St Josemaría Escrivá)

A snippet:
Jesus. That one word sums up all of Catholicism. All the creeds, codes, and cult of the Church - the beauty of Catholic art (unmatched in human history), the glory of the great cathedrals of Europe (peerless among architectural artifacts), the wonderful complexity of Catholic philosophy and theology (you won't find a more rigorous intellectual system), the beauty of the Holy Sacrifice of Mass ("the most beautiful thing this side of heaven"), the disciplines by which Catholics strive to live, the power of the Sacraments, the stunning magnificence of Catholic liturgical music, the heroic and awe-inspiring lives of the saints, all of, all of it, is ultimately about just one thing - Jesus Christ. We are called, as Christians, to love Jesus Christ above all things. (Read the rest there)

St Josemaría, pray for us.

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