Monday, February 16, 2015

Is Love Really Just Chemical Reactions in the Brain? A Reflection with CS Lewis

Here is my recent article for,
How often have we been subjected to the "scientific reductionist" account of the world? Mention any topic and it isn't long before some post-modern "thinker" (in quotes for a reason we shall discover below) comes along to tell us what such-and-such experience or object "really is." One famous example is love - the strongest human emotion, one which motivates us to do things we never would otherwise contemplate, such as sacrificing even our own lives. To the Christian, indeed I might say to the sane man, and certainly to all "pre-post-modern" men, love was the highest ideal, the supreme lasting virtue, that which "moves the sun and the other stars" or that which is the essence of the All High God....

Read the whole thing there: Is Love Really Just Chemical Reactions in the Brain?

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