Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Does God Have a Purpose for YOUR Life?

Q. I've been directionless of late and have really started to question whether God has any real plan for my life, if there is any point for me to be at all. Do you think God has a specific purpose for each of our lives? Some reason that He chose to put each of us here?

God does nothing without purpose, so yes, he puts us here for some specific purpose. In fact, He puts us all here for the same two purposes:

1) To Glorify God.

2) To save our souls (and as many other souls) as possible from Hell.

Because God has created us to do these two things, everything we do should take into account these twin aims. That doesn't mean that we can't do anything that doesn't immediately forward one of these two ends, for example watching a football game, but it does mean we should never do anything that works against these ends, for example sinning. It also means the primary thrust of each of our lives should be toward these two ends. Putting any other goal (making money, pleasure, etc) is to fall into the treacherous pits of idolatry and to risk an eternity in hell for a life failed.


  1. My purpose in life is to learn, love, and explore. To help my fellow man as best I can. In the end I may leave a good memory of my life and times behind. The smiles I brought upon peoples faces. That is all I can ask for. What happens beyond death no one knows. Mayhaps we simply just vanish. Kind of sobering is it not. Our existence is finite. Make the most of it now. Yeah I like that.

    1. 1) If we "simply just vanish" what difference does it make whether or not we "make the most of it now"?

      2) You're forgetting a third, yet more sobering, possibility - eternal torment in Hell. Imagine the first thought that passes through the mind of a damned soul when, a moment after death, they realize what choice they made with their life. You're, of course, betting such an outcome isn't possible. Seems like a bad bet to me.

  2. First. It matters because this is the only life humans have. Doing the best for each other and ourselves makes for a better world all around. The spread of ideas and information may bring about more positive change. I like doing good, as an example, because I just do. I don't need to have some cookie present at the end of my life as a goal just to do good.

    Second. You are assuming a place called hell exists. Since there is no proof a place exists it has no baring on my actions. It does make me ponder why a being, such as the Christian god that is supposedly omni benevolent, needs a place of ever lasting torment to get people to worship him. I mean seriously it is like a death threat.

    Here is a video that, I feel, makes a good point on the "justice" of god. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWAUhadJzTk

    1. 1) If your worldview is correct, then why does it matter if we do "the best for each other?" What difference does it ultimately make if "ideas and information" are spread for "positive changes"? What even is a "positive change" if atheism is true? You "like doing good," but what is "good" if atheism is true?

      2) I'm not assuming Hell exists. I was merely assuming the possibility of Hell exists. If Hell is even one possibility, then your bet - that God doesn't exist and neither does Hell - is a very poor one to make. Nothing can be gained, if you guessed right. Everything can be lost, if you guessed wrong.

      3) Hell is something we choose. God couldn't make it any nicer than it is. I wrote about this very topic here: http://adoroergosum.blogspot.com/2013/11/couldn-god-have-made-hell-nicer-place.html

  3. Because making the world a better place benefits everyone. Morals vary person to person. It is even seen in the animal kingdom. So a book that was written by man to encompass bronze age ideas doesn't seem to be the be all end all for morals.

    That is Pascal's wager. How do you know your worldview is the correct one? What if when you die you end up in Valhalla and see Odin? What then?

    1. 1) Why should we do something that benefits everyone? Why does that matter? You keep kicking the question down field without ever answering it.

      2) If morals vary, then were colonial Americans right to have slaves? Were Nazi's right to kill six million Jews? If not, why not?

      3) Yes, that is Pascal's Wager. What if I die and see Odin? Well, I have no credible reason to believe Odin or Valhalla exist. A Creator God, however, I have many reasons to believe in. One such reason is the existence of meaning in the universe. Another is the existence of morality. Odin can explain neither of those. Neither can atheism.