Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"New" Atheism and the "YouTube Heresies"

Today, I'd like to combat some of the copious amounts of misinformation that exists on the internet regarding Catholicism, Christianity, and theism in general by sharing a few sage words by one of Catholicism's great teachers, Father Robert Barron (check him out over at Word on Fire).

In this first brief video clip, Father looks at what is sometimes styled the "new" atheism, although the only thing that seems terribly "new" about it is its lack of intellectual depth vis-vis the "old" atheism or Catholicism.

And, for good measure, here is Father Barron discussing the "YouTube Heresies," basically silly things people on YouTube believe about Catholicism that couldn't be further from the truth. If you're a Catholic and you've spent any amount of time online speaking with atheists (or even non-Catholic Christians, in some cases), you've encountered all of these. I know I certainly have. If you're not a Catholic, take a listen and see how many of these fallacious ideas have crept into your thinking when it comes to the Church.

Which comes in two parts

What common misunderstandings of the Faith and religion in general do you come across on the internet?

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  1. Father Barron does good job most of the time, but I would advise caution. He is big fan of Hans Urs von Balthasar. Some ideas from that source are dubious to say the least. Especially idea of "hope of empty hell".

    As for common misunderstandings. The most basic misunderstanding amongst the atheists is that God is something made-up to explain physical phenomenas. (Because God choosing Israel as his chosen people, not working on sabbath, etc. explains lot about physics and nature) The second is that miracles no longer happens. (However miracles do happens and those back the position of the Catholic Church such as the real presence, etc.) Also that people believe just because of the Bible and not because of multitude of factors. That all religions are the same and you do not need knowledge to discern them. That the faith in God is believing in an old man on a cloud in the sky. That the Genesis is about talking snake and apple tree. (In reality it is about the nature of sin "to be like the God") That atheist are well educated in religions (No they are not. I live in country with atheistic/agnostic majority and most of people have no clue about religion whatsoever. I never met an atheist in discussion that interprets the Bible and tradition same way the Catholic church does. Most of new atheist understand Christianity on average protestant level = imo low. This is also because most of those popular vocal atheist are from protestant countries.)