Monday, February 29, 2016

Do Catholics Worship Statues? 5 Step Refutation

Catholics worship statues. 
Raise your hand if you’ve encountered that statement. 
That’s a lot of hands. 
I’ve ran into this “argument” against Catholicism quite a few times over the years (one of the side-effects of being a Catholic blogger, I suppose) and, wouldn’t you know it, I met it again yesterday.
What brought it on this time? A simple posting of a detail from Raphael’s Transfiguration, showing Christ rising in dazzling white robes into the air from the top of Mount Tabor with the words “This is my Son; listen to Him” from Luke 9:35, words which were ringing in my ears from that week’s Gospel reading. 
1. The Charge: You Catholics Clearly Break God’s Law

While most people enjoyed the meme, one fellow disapprovingly left “Ex. 20:4” in comments....

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