Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Dante Alighieri's Continued Influence on Modern American Politics

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Theodore Roosevelt’s biography reads like a how-to manual for achieving great things. While he had many influences, one poet in particular fascinated him, Dante Alighieri. The sound of that name conjures up images of souls in torment, people crying in agony, and absolute horror. Roosevelt, however, didn’t read Dante as a house of horrors, but as inspiration for living the strenuous life.
Roosevelt knew Dante well enough to author an essay for Outlookmagazine entitled “Dante and the Bowery”. IN the magazine Roosevelt wrote, “Dante dealt with those tremendous qualities of the human soul.” He also included an allusion to Dante in his greatest speech, “The Man in the Arena”: 
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  3. I like Dante, he once said in Inferno: "There are many prominent people of Florence living in Hell because of their sins.
    Filippo Argenteni has hid horse shod with silver and has iron fists. He has a violent temper, one time he slapped me, and his brother took possession of of my confiscated property."

    I tried to write a blog about him, see whether you like it: https://stenote.blogspot.com/2017/12/an-interview-with-dante.html